Sunday, September 05, 2004

Al-Jazeera from the Republican convention

USA TODAY told us a few days ago that Al-Jazeera, the Arabic language cable news channel of truth and light would be covering the Republican National Convention. Mark in Mexico is proud to announce that we have acquired copies of the first photographs sent by satellite by Al-jazeera back to the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula. We must remind our readers that all of the original photo captions are in Arabic and had to be translated to English by our in-house translator, Muhammed Ali Baba ibn Raaghhed al-Caamel. As further Al-jazeera transmissions become available, we will get them translated and posted as soon as we possibly can.

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Senator Zell Miller (D), Georgia (above), addresses the Republican National Convention. In his efforts to reach out to all of America, and indeed to all the world on behalf of his Republican hosts, he included in his stirring speech the terms "kikes, spics, wops, pollocks, japs, chinks, gooks, slants, spooks, ragheads, camel-jockies and sand ni**ers". All of Al-jazeera's fellow members of the religion of peace will be glad to see that we were mentioned prominantly in his speech (that would be the ragheads, camel-jockies and sand ni**ers).

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