Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Gunfight at the OK BP Corral

It was 4:00 AM at the BP gas station on West Dixie Highway in Miami. A fellow stopped in for some gas. A 22 year-old man, street name "SP", wandered up. He saw a gold chain on the gas customer that he wished for his own. SP pulled a gun and demanded the gold chain. SP was SOL. What SP got was a chain of lead - flying lead.
The victim was also carrying a gun. Police said he shot and killed the robber during a confrontation.

Police found evidence that bullets were flying everywhere, from both the robber's and the victim's guns. The gas station owner, Cesar Gaiton, said a cashier counted at least seven shots, some of which hit the food store.

"She was screaming. When she called me, I said, 'Hello.' She was screaming, 'Somebody shot somebody in his face,'" Gaiton said.

"From what we gather at this point is that he did have a permit for the firearm. He did utilize the firearm, at this point, from what it seems, in self-defense. But, that's why the interview process and all the information gathering remains the same, like any other case," said Alvaro Zabaleta, of the Miami-Dade County police.

The victim was taken to Miami-Dade Police Department for questioning.

Detectives believe the robbery attempt was random and the shooting was apparently in self-defense. An investigation continues.


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