Sunday, March 05, 2006

Join Venezuela Peoples Army - $2.50/month

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, the latest tin-pot dictator to arise in South America, is organizing a Venezuelan People´s Army. This army of private citizens is being trained to defend the "Bolivarian Democracy" against an imminent invasion by the Bush/Chaney/Rumsfeld/Rice quartet of obdurate bastard Gringo Yankee Nazi slavemasters (Ob-Gyns). The pay is 16,ooo Bolivars per month ($2.50 US funds).
General Alberto Muller Rojas, one of the members of the army high command who helped to devise the new thinking in military strategy being adopted by Venezuela's leftwing government, said: "If for example the United States were to invade Venezuela one day, and that's what many people are expecting, the only way we could repel such an attack would be a full scale guerrilla war against the foreign aggressors.

"Our professional army only numbers 80,000 soldiers, so we would need to use civilians like in Iraq to fight the Yankee forces."
Chavez and his Erwin Rommel wannabees might want to take a closer look at the battle casualty ratios in Iraq as well as what is happening to the ex-president of Iraq, one Saddam Hussein.

In any event, here are some photos hot off the wires from Caracas with examples of what an invading imperialist army will face.

Guarding the People´s Territory

The People´s Air Cavalry

The People´s Light Armor


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