Tuesday, May 25, 2004

To busy having fun over at Roger Simon's to post today. Sorry

Monday, May 24, 2004

The Bitter Education of Micki Weinberg

I am not Jewish, and after reading this, I'm not sure whether I'm glad I'm not, or I want to convert and grab a soon-to-be-legal-again assault rifle.

The link above is to the front page of The East Bay Express's .com edition. Just click on Micki Weinberg's face and read the article. Incredible. You know what makes me angriest? The absolute and total cowardice of the administration of that "school". A question might be, "Have any of these Jewish students or their parents ever heard of lawyers?"

Let's see now;
Failure to provide for the physical safety of students on its campus. Compensatory and punitive damages.

Failure to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning. Compensatory and punitive damages.

Failure to protect visitors attending lawful, school-sponsored events from threats to their persons and property. Compensatory and punitive damages.

Failure to apply and enforce its own ethics code on staff and faculty. Compensatory and punitive damages.

Failure to apply and enforce ethics and speech codes on students. Compensatory and punitive damages.

A smart lawyer could probably go on for days. Hit them where it hurts. In the wallet. Believe me, unless the Saudis take up the slack, the chancellor will crack down. A steady stream of lawsuits. Jew-beam'em.

The thought of the collectible damages is breathtaking. A prospective Jewish scholar has his/her higher education interferred with/interrupted at the University of California-Berkeley causing him/her to to forsake the awaiting career as a member of the international Zionist cabal controlling international banking and finance, U.S. foreign policy, the U.S. Senate, the U.S. military-industrial complex, the entire European Union, big oil, the international diamond trade, implementation of The Protocols, as well as pork belly futures and the Israeli tank ammo industry. WOW!

I'm all the way down here in Mexico, but can't anyone up there do anything about this?

French "achitectural showpiece" collapses, killing 4 foreign nationals; UN moves quickly to condemn Israel for the catastrophe because why not?

Sunday, May 23, 2004


Before you visit this site, get all of your blogging out of the way. Once you stop here, you will be done for the day. Some teasers;

"We have seen two months of what looks like non-stop catastrophe, and we will see more, and maybe worse, before we are through. Here is my well-reasoned, historically researched, deeply nuanced opinion: Tough shit. This war will be over when we say it is over, and not a second before."


"We ran from Fallujah, we hear; those murdering bastards are laughing at us. We’re not tough enough to win. Uh, not quite. Hundreds of those murdering bastards are dead. They are not laughing at anything."


"Catastrophes are only catastrophes; disasters are only disasters: they are not the end unless we decide they are."

Go Now! William Whittle

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

More of my favorite Links at right

I have managed to get more of my favorite links posted at the right. After the first 2 or three bloggers, they are in no particular order. I will get around to that as soon as possible. I also need to organize them into categories. This blogging is a lot of damned work.

Big Media Maintains Its Grip

The following post appears today at AndrewSullivan.com;

Finally, a description (ed. - from the Washington Post) of what the administration itself believes has been the goal in Falluja:
"What we're trying to do is extricate ourselves from Fallujah," said a senior U.S. official familiar with U.S. strategy who would speak only on the condition of anonymity. "There's overwhelming pressure with the Coalition Provisional Authority and the White House to deliver a successful Iraq transition, and Iraq is proving uncooperative."
So the initial goal of removing the insurgents has been abandoned. Meanwhile, the president says: "My resolve is firm. This is an historic moment. The world watches for weakness in our resolve. They will see no weakness. We will answer every challenge." So is the president telling the truth or is the anonymous "senior administration official"? Or has the administration official declined to inform the president?

I sent this email to Andrew Sullivan;

Finally, a description of what the homosexuals themselves believe has been the goal in Massachusetts. "What we're trying to do is extricate ourselves from this whole gay marriage thing" said a prominent gay activist familiar with the gay marriage strategy who would speak only on the condition of
anonymity. "There's overwhelming pressure among the gay marriage activists and the State House to deliver a successful marriage-civil union transition, and some gays are proving uncooperative."
So the initial goal of marriage for homosexuals has been abandoned. Meanwhile, Andrew Sullivan says: "It was fascinating to observe the impact of Monday's marriage moment. For the most part, it was celebratory. Polls are showing increasing support for equal marriage rights and sliding approval for governor Mitt Romney." So is Sullivan telling the truth or is the anonymous "prominent gay activist"? Or has the gay activist declined to inform Mr. Sullivan?

Andrew, the above makes about as much sense and is as accurate as your quoting of WaPo on any subject concerning the war on terror, the 9/11 Commission, the approaching general election, the ongoing campaigns for the latter, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Israel, Europe or the kitchen sink. You are smarter than that.

I wonder if he will respond or print it? Probably not. I take everything I read with a grain of salt, and anything produced by "big media" with two grains.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

My Links

I have a lot more links to add to the list at the right. I have just been too busy to sit down and do it. It is drudge work but I know that I need to do it and I promise that I will soon. My Favorites list of blogs is four times longer than the list at the right.

Thanks to Hugh Hewitt for the link to Marine Corps Moms. A good place to send an Armed Forces Day message (hint, hint).
To the Armed Forces: Congratulations on Armed Forces Day
To the people of The United States: Happy Armed Forces Day

Congratulations to the men and women in uniform for your service and sacrifice to keep us safe. You are the front line defense against those who are envious of our way of life and would destroy it if they could.

To the people of The United States, be happy that we can rely on those in uniform and their families and friends at home who worry and pray for them every day.

Marine Corps Hymn

At my 4:00 class yesterday, two of the students arrived with recorders (the little flutes that kids are taught to play in school). One began playing The Hymn. I was surprised that Mexican school students would be taught a U.S. military hymn in school, especially one that features the words, "from the halls of Montezuma" in the first verse. They did not know why they were being taught this hymn, but I will ask around to see if any Mexican teachers or administrators know why. They knew the name of The Hymn (Himno de los Marinos) in Spanish, but did not know any of the words. They do now. I had to look up The Hymn on the net because I could not remember verses 2 and 3. I wrote the 3 verses on the white board and had the class copy the words into their notebooks. I explained the first verse only because we ran out of time. We'll read, practice pronunciation and add vocabulary words from The Hymn on Monday.
I Don't Think Daniel Drezner Gets It

Daniel Drezner writes in "Should Rummy Resign Redux" (and see yesterdays posts, as well), that Rumsfeld should resign. He states, "I don't think Iraq is hopeless -- but I also don't think that Rumsfeld has made much of a positive contribution since the end of the "major combat." It's precisely because I want to see the U.S. succeed in Iraq that I think it's worth it to replace Rummy ASAP."

Man, I don't understand this from a normally clear thinking individual like Mr. Drezner. The United States is trying to accomplish something that has never been attempted in RECORDED HISTORY. Fight our way into a snakepit of a country (three weeks, remember?), track down, then imprison or kill a desperate and diverse group of thugs, murderers, maniacal and bloodthirsty religious zealots, impose law and order (NOT restore, for they have not existed in the Iraqi people's memory), rebuild an utterly decayed infrastructure which was sabotaged by the defeated enemy, and design, build and impose some form of democratic (or republican) government ("impose" because the people with dreams of power don't really want it - that would be the various mullahs, imams, and other odd and sundry sleazeballs like Chalabi).

Anyone who thought that this was something less than a gigantic undertaking, or that it would go smoothly and would not be fraught with difficulties and occasional failures, is a moron. Mr. Drezner is decidedly not a moron. So, what gives?

No, Mr. Rumsfeld is not the most brilliant of nation-builders. What he is, however, is a competent, maybe brilliant, wartime Secretary of Defense. And we have a minimum of two wars yet to fight. Iran must not be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. I see no way that we can sit back and wait for a dubious popular uprising to unseat the mullahs currently in power. And if this should occur, in the nick of time, what guarantee do we have that the new government would halt the development of nukes? No, Iran must be dealt with swiftly and decisively. No invasion and nation-building, just pound their nuclear capability and armed forces into dust. If Bush is reelected, this is what he will do. And then, North Korea. This is a tough one. If Bush is reelected, he must cross this bridge. The problem here is Seoul and maybe Tokyo. The deranged and self-deluded ultimate leader, or whatever his bad-hairness is being called these days, would try to launch a nuclear strike against one or both of those two cities. A human catastrophe would ensue. But it is probably going to ensue anyway. Are we to wait until he develops a long range ballistic missile? Seoul and Tokyo will be the least of our worries. How about L.A.? My friend Roger Simon lives there with his wife and six year-old daughter. Sorry about your luck, Seoul and Tokyo. You should have taken care of this yourselves long before now.

And besides, we have already told the half-human chiapet that a nuclear strike against anyone will result in his country's immediate erasure. So, we ask for a face-to-face, no Chinese, no French, no English, no U.N., just us two. And we tell them. We are coming. We are going to destroy your nuclear capabilities. We are going to destroy your army which is lined up along the DMZ. We are going to destroy your ability to wage war, threaten our people, threaten your neighbors (our friends), and, if you strike with a nuclear weapon, against anyone, anywhere, at any time during our surgical operation, you will be erased. You have 36 hours.

George Bush has the sworn duty to protect the citizens of the United States of America from harm. He will need Donald Rumsfeld to help accomplish that immense task.

So, Rummy stays, period.

Get it?

Friday, May 14, 2004

Bush Is To Blame

The students at Berkeley have spoken. It is all Bush's fault. His rhetoric has caused it all. He has divided the world into good and bad, not nuanced enough for the scholars at Berkeley. He "is preying on the innocence of our young people who take oppressive rhetoric at face value" and we live in a "country that barely distinguishes Iraq from Afghanistan, an Arab from a Sikh or an enemy from a terrorist".

I am shocked to discover that we are such stupid cattle, and have raised our children to be just as stupid.

I am not shocked to discover that Loseweek would publish this. There was a time when I received Newsweek and Time weekly and devoured every page. No longer. I will never buy another copy of either. Why should I when I can find this crap free of charge?

Let's see if I have this correct, now. Zarqawi, bin Laden - terrorists, not enemies. France, Russia, Germany, Saudi Arabia - enemies, not terrorists. Is that about right?

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

CANADA - again!

Canadian PM Paul Martin states that he believes that Hussein had the WMD's and they are now in the hands of terrorists. I think this guy has a political deathwish. Any international figure who is seen to be supporting the US in its efforts in Iraq at this particular point in time is bound for trouble. Maybe that is why his support is somewhat oblique. If his support is too overt, he risks political suicide. I think a big reason for his seeming support is that he wants to distance himself as far as possible from the policies of Chretien. Also, open support begs the question, "Why are you not helping us?" A question that he does not want to answer.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Good Morning

Happy Mother's Day from Mexico (it is Mexico's Mother's Day today).

La Voz de Aztlan vs. JDL and The SWC.

I have yet to receive any replies to my queries to The Jewish Defense League or The Simon Weisenthal Center concerning the "threats" that Ernie 100Flickers at La Voz claims to have received. I will keep you posted.

Hand Wringing

Take a look at Andrew Sullivan and WSJ Opinion Journal, The Wages of Appeasement by Victor Davis Hanson. You will get an excellent example of 20/20 hindsight applied to the long-term (Mr. Hanson) and to the short-term (Mr. Sullivan). Both of them have very valid points.

Relative to Mr. Hanson, I really don't see how, having lived through that time myself, anything could have been done differently. Our overwhelming priority at that time was the USSR. Our military was a disasterous mess in the wake of Viet Nam, inflation was running rampant, we had had a president resign in disgrace, we knew we were complicit in the Shah's dirty war against the mullahs and we were dreaming of a multicultural-peace-in-our-time-lets-all-get-together utopia which would not, does not and never will exist. So, Mr. Hanson's views of the occurrences, in my opinion, while factually correct in view of history over the past 25 or so years, are helpful only insofar as showing us a path or paths that we should avoid. Does his treatise show us the correct path? I think not. Only history over the long-term has ever proven that a strategy was correct. Only history over the short-term has ever proven that the tactics employed to achieve a strategy were correct.

Which brings us to Mr. Sullivan and the short-term hand-wringing. I would ask this. What narrative? Have the events at Abu Ghraib caused a change in the actions, attitudes, policies and statements of the thugs, terrorists, Muslim "press", the Arab "street" or the politicians (I include the mullahs, imams and clerics in this group because they belong here)? Not that I can see. Were they trying to kill as many of us as possible BEFORE Abu Ghraib? Yes, of course. Were we vilified daily on the airways, in the press, in mosques and on street corners? Yes, of course. Do the events at Abu Ghraib give them more ammunition to use against us? Yes, unfortunately. Do the events at Abu Grhraib cause us the loss of the moral high ground and should we now cut and run? No, of course not. Nothing has occurred to derail our strategy that a heavy dose of military justice will not correct. In other words, a tactical failure must be addressed so as not to cause a strategic failure.

I would hate to think, in the case of Mr. Sullivan, that the "fair weather fans" syndrome has begun to set in.

Did we fail to plan adequately for the occupation? No, but President Bush did not think we had five years to prepare.

Did we overestimate the reception of the Iraqis and the resistence of the Baathists/terrorists/ criminals/thugs? Yes, we did; a TACTICAL error. Is it correctable? Yes, it is.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

MEChA Takes A Hit

According to a report from The Washington Times, Stanford University STUDENTS voted to deny the racist student organization its funding for the next year.

"In what is believed to be the first such vote on any college campus, Stanford students voted 1,357 to 1,329 to withhold MEChA's special fees, which amount to more than $40,000."

"...the first such vote on any college campus." One would hope that this is not an aberration, but will start a trend.

Make no mistake, I have nothing against organizations that preach ethnic pride, nor those who step in to help when civil rights are perceived to be violated. But I do have a problem with any organization or person or persons who preach "ethnic purity". That would include MEChA, KKK, Aryan Nation, Serbia, The Palestinian Authority, The IRA. More on this later.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Aztlan Update

Time to visit La Voz de Aztlan and see what we have missed in the last couple of days of continued colonialist and Jewish persecution/subjugation of Mexico/Mexican-Americans. If you aren't familiar with Aztlan, go here. The website is actually a description of MEChA, the Aztlan student group active on many campuses in the US, but has a great map of the "Aztlan" that is the historical domain of , uh, Aztecs? Mexicans? Indigenas? I'm not sure yet, but we will get into that later.

News Bulletin #1 - May 7, 2004 - Jewish Terrorists Threaten La Voz de Aztlan Again

OK, I'll bite.

Well, if what La Voz has reproduced here is, in fact, true and accurate, I must say that the JDL is being pretty stupid. Answering these people in kind plays right into their hands (I do not, of course, include the protection of life and property). "Zionist Threats", "Suppression of Free Speech" all can be seen and heard as a result of threats such as that reproduced in this bulletin, again with the caveat that it is accurate.

I will contact the JDL (not outlawed, to the best of my knowledge, as is stated in the story) for confirmation. I assume that they will respond to a goyim.

News Bulletin #2 - USA rape and sodomization of Iraqis worst than imagined
Collusion with US based Jewish pornographers seen
by Ernesto Cienfuegos

I didn't link to this story. You can go there if you wish, but I won't help. It is too noxious. If you do visit, please note that in neither the "eyewitness" account nor in the "victim's" account appear the terms "uniform", "U.S. soldiers", "U.S. mercenaries" or "military vehicles". Only "armed men". Well, if the only armed men in Iraq were U.S. troops, then I can understand the inference. However....

And "Jewish pornographers"? I shall query the JDL about this, also.

Question to Ernesto Cienfuegos, affectionately known by all his many tens of friends as Ernie 100Flickers: So, do you really think that this serves the interests of your chicano brethren?

That's all for now, I'm on my way to pursue the JDL line.

SPORTS Today - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good
Tiger leads by 2 at end of second round. Bad from the tee, short game and putting sensational. Drive for show, putt for dough.

The Bad

Yankees lose to Seattle 6 - 2, second straight loss, Last 10 = 8 and 2.

The Ugly

Athletes to be under heightened security at Olympics - Calgary Sun - (You Think?)

Friday, May 07, 2004

Little time to post today. Hmmm... Yankees lose, again...well, for the first time in May (heh heh). 8 of 9 isn't too bad. Maybe their feet are on the ground and they are running. If he can hold together, Kevin Brown looks like the real deal of old. It is, however, a long season.

Thursday, May 06, 2004


Too much good info and comment on everyone elses blogs today. No time to do my own. But I did find this. Michael Moore admits laying big cowpie, but too late! Sen. Laughingberg has already stepped in it.

Acording to The Independent (UK), Moore admits what almost everyone already knew. Disney/Miramax never had any intention of distributing his anti-Bush schlock. Too late, however, for Senator Laufenberg, who has already sent a weepy letter to Sen. John McCain asking for committee hearings on big media censorship.


I think everyone should turn up the heat on Moore. I think he might go off the deep end a la Micah and Ted.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

La Voz de Aztlan

Since my shocking discovery this Sunday past that all of Mexico's and American chicano's problems are the fault of the Jews, I am wandering around in search of Aztlan and La Raza. The first thing that I find is a story by Carlos Cienfuegos, of La Voz de Aztlan, published at Conspiracy Planet, about the photographed rape of 2 (only one pictured) "Iraqi women" by "U. S. troops". The story is dated today, Wednesday, May 5, and , I quote,

"New photographs were sent to La Voz de Aztlan from confidential sources depicting the shocking rapes of two Iraqi women by what are purported to be US Military Intelligence personnel and private US mercenaries in military fatigues. It is now known that hundreds of these photographs had been in circulation among the troops in Iraq."

Sorry, Mr. 100fires, but yours seem to be burning a bit dimly. These already discredited photos have been on the net where you picked them up over the weekend. Now let's be frank with one another. You have no confidential sources who sent you anything, isn't that right? Are you sure that the rapists aren't Jews in diguise?

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

To Lee Salem, vice-president for Print Syndication, Universal Press Syndicate,

To: lsalem@amuniversal.com

Subject: Pat Tillman

Please note in the Subject header above that the subject of this email is the late Pat Tillman, not Ted Rall. Mr. Tillman, if nothing else, was a loyal member of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, killed in action, returned to the United States and buried by his family. Neither he or any member of his family had ever done anything that could be remotely considered as deserving of the treatment he received at the hands of your syndicated cartoonist, Mr. Rall.

I must assume that, knowing well in advance of Mr. Rall's political leanings and shrill anti-Americanism, you and the company that you represent support and encourage his viewpoint that Mr. Tillman was a racist and joined the Rangers to "kill Arabs". You may rest assured that I will seek out any media outlets that subscribe to your service and email to them a demand that they replace your company with another, as well as refuse to buy their products until such time as they do.

Mark A. Moore

The above is a copy of the my first email sent to Mr. Salem at the suggestion of Andrew Sullivan. The second will be to identify Mr. Sullivan as the instigator of my email and I shall add the comment, "I'll bet we are bigger than you are. What do you think?"
I'm still alive

I have not had the heart to do much writing since Sunday. First, the prisoner mistreatment (I think torture is too strong a word here) making us look pretty stoooopid, as well as being contrary to our laws. Then, a 38 year-old mother of four, 8 months pregnant, gets put to death along with ALL FOUR of her little girls in Israel by heroic freedom fighters. Then, during an exchange of email correspondence with John Moore, I do some research on La Raza and a fringe group called Aztlan and find out that all of Mexico's problems and those of chicanos living in the United States are the fault of the Jews. Then, family photos of the Israeli mother and her daughters hit the net. Then, Ted Rall, a truly reprehensible and useless human being, publishes his worse than libelous scribble. Confusion in Fallujah, making us look more stooopid. A new book coming out, referenced by Roger Simon yesterday, with a truly horrific, digusting and revolting description of the kinds of Muslim societies that wish to "spread" their poisonous religion to all corners. A moderate, patriotic American Muslim organizes an anti-violence and pro American rally in Arizona and it turns into a bust. If I had kept surfing it could only have gotten worse.

Godawmighty! Wish I had stayed in bed Sunday, and yesterday , too
(the Redwings are finished, again).

(Sigh) Can't do that. As bad as it is, what would the world be like without yours truly fighting for truth, justice and the American way? The only good news: Lakers lose (sorry Roger), the Yankees string 3 straight and Michelle is looking for Ted Rall.

I'm not too clever with the linking, yet. I keep linking to the blogsite and not to the actual subject post. I'll get better. At least I can get you there, even if not to exactly the right spot.
Good Luck!

Good luck to my friend and former student Eric Alan Morales. He just launched an Internet Cafe in the state of Tlaxcala. Good luck Alan 2.0.
The Demise of Militant Islam?

From Daniel Pipes. I hope that it is true, but, in Mr. Pipes words, "color me interested but skeptical".

Sunday, May 02, 2004

More Cuts in Spending to Lower Our Taxes

I just saw this on News Forum Home Page;
Germany To Shorten Missions Abroad, Stop Guarding U.S. Bases. I think that this is a marvelous idea, and one that deserves some study, as is pointed out later in the article. We should study the base-closure idea right up to and including the closing of all of them in Germany, France, Belgium, Spain and Turkey. Think how much money we'll save. Are they thinking of how much money they will truly save? I think not.
My Links

I said a couple of days ago that I would have some explanations as to the why of and the order of my links that appear in the sidebar. Well, here they are.

1. Email me! I am still not sure that my email links work, so I placed them in a couple of different locations. I have recieved several emails, but I don't know, and keep forgetting to ask, if the senders are using my links, or someone elses.

2. Google News. This link was here when I initiated the blog. Blogspot provides this service free of charge, therefore the least I can do is respect them enough to leave it in place. Besides, Google News is my home page.

3. News Forum Home Page. This is a good source for news. They show 25 articles per page and one can buzz through a lot of news stories in a very short period of time. I usually ignore Lucianne's little snide comments, but they can sometimes be amusing. And one does not have to wade through the fluff of Survivor, You're Fired, etc., etc.

4. Andrew Sullivan. For the uninitiated, the rookies, and those who just awoke from a 20 year nap, Mr. Sullivan is gay. Not my cup-o-tea, but then it's not my blog. He is also British. Well, that's not so bad. He could be from Massachusetts. What I like about this blog is that Mr. Sullivan is not a drum-beater. He actually asks questions. He has doubts. He occasionally becomes confused. While we all suffer from the same afflictions, Mr. Sullivan puts them in writing, unlike, say, Den Beste. He allows the visitor to witness him wavering from side to side on an issue as he researches it, learns about it, and begins formulating a strong opinion. Many if not most bloggers seemingly can formulate, almost instantly, an opinion carved-in-stone and set-in-cocrete and nonnegotiable and all-to-the-contrary are trolls. Perhaps Mr. Sullivan is just a little on the slow side, like, er, yours truly. For me, he spends an inordinate amount of time and space on gay-rights issues, but, again, it's his blog, not mine. If I visited NRA member blogs, I would probably see guns mentioned with some frequency, whether I liked it or not. In light of the aforementioned, Mr. Sullivan occupies blog position #1.

5. Mystery Novelist and Screenwriter. This is, of course, Roger L. Simon. Mr. Simon is a fellow who truly has his head screwed on straight. I don't think that that was always the case. I think he spent some time in his youth affiliated with some , er, strange people with whom he now strongly disagrees. And he is not hesitant to say so. He is deeply involved with the literatii, and frequently points the visitor towards one profound publication or another, which we might not know about with such alacrity, if at all. He also commands respect for being able to live and work in the Southern California/Hollywood/left coast environment while keeping the aforementioned head in the aforementioned correct position. And finally, he is an old fart with a young child, like yours truly (with 2 of the little creatures). To be truly humbled, sit down in front of a Nintendo Star Wars some-kind-of vehicle race across from an experieced, hardbitten, steely-eyed, merciless 6 year-old. The pain! The embarrassment! The agony of da feet! He therefore occupies blog link position #2.

I'll do the rest later.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Comments and Trackback added!

It is almost midnight here and I think I have successfully added Comments and Trackback to my blog, thanks to Haloscan.com. If this really works, and I have no doubts, a million thanks to the folks at Haloscan. I put in a link in the above line, but you'll see their link button in the sidebar. Their instructions were so simple and direct, their web page should be titled, "Comments for Dummies."
Please visit Roger L. Simon and follow his links in the post concerning anti-Semitism. I would like to take a moment to tell a little story about my own experience with this which, for me, was too close to home. I'll title it ALL IN THE FAMILY.

I am married to a Mexican lady, whose father is a semi-retired attorney here in Puebla, Mexico. He is a local attorney of some note, having once been the Dean of the Law School of the Autonomous University of Puebla. When sitting with him in a local coffee shop or walking around the city or the UAP campus, most everyone who stops to shake hands and chat refers to him as "Doctor", "maestro", or "profesor".

We have enjoyed some long discussions about many various subjects, but I have learned the hard way to limit our conversations to history or art, and here is why. He has no experience whatsoever with the net and I doubt he has ever personally viewed a web page, which is why I feel safe in publishing this anecdote. As an example, one day the subject of el Cid came up. You know, the legend upon which the Charlton Heston movie, "El Cid", was based. He said that he knew little of the history of Castilla (Castille in English), but he believed that the legend was more or less true. Of course, yours truly went right to the net to research el Cid. It turns out that, yes, the man existed, and was referred to as "El Cid". While he was indeed a mighty warrior, he was certainly no hero. More of a shrewd political operator who eventually got his. I dutifully reported back to my suegro (father-in-law) with my newfound knowledge and a printed download to boot. He was more than impressed with the speed with which I was able to answer but less than impressed, more like disappointed, with the results. I should have taken that reaction as a warning. I relate that story as an introduction to the next one.

Another day in the same coffee shop, we were discussing the latest atrocity in Israel. You know, the same boring story; suicide bomber, a dozen killed, half being school children, etc., etc.. He then, out of the clear blue sky, stated that he could understand the Palestinian actions in light of the fact that the Jews had maintained a vast conspiracy to dominate the world for several hundred years, and that this had been known to the rest of the world ever since the discovery, quite by accident, of their manifesto, known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

I was so astonished that I began laughing. "What?" I gasped. "You don't mean that old, thoroughly discredited forgery, or do you?" He said, "Yes", and stated further that it was NOT a forgery, only declared so by the Jews. End of koffee klatch. I said that I had to go, and then got. Right to the net to do some research on this tome about which I really knew very little. Three or four hours later, I felt that I was sufficiently armed to the teeth, and awaited the following day's now ominous-appearing capuccino.

I presented to him what I considered to be irrefutable documentation to the effect that The Protocols was not, in fact, a forgery. It was a forgery of a plagiarism. What started out as a legitimate stage play about a group of royals hatching a plot to take over some European city-state was plagiarized by a ne'er-do-well German ex con who replaced every mention of the various royals with "Jews", and the city-state with "the world". Then it gets stolen from him and published as the "miraculously discovered" Protocols. I presented names, dates and a list of sources in the U. S. and Great Britain as well as in Spain (in Spanish).

He listened with great patience, accepted the documentation with a gracias, and then, as we stood up to go our separate ways, stated, and I quote, "It is still all the Jews' fault." (Todaví­a todo es la culpa de los judíos).

Whadaya gonna do? This highly educated, experienced, well-traveled, well respected professional is, I discovered, a raging anti-Semitic bigot and probably a racist too.

I spent a couple of days in a funk, like one might experience upon learning that Superman was a petty shoplifter at Wal-mart. The only thing to be cheerful about was my newfound knowledge about the Protocols. I had learned a great deal and for that was thankful. But how to change the thinking of that old bigot? Impossible, I wisely decided. Better to just forget it and avoid the subject in the future. He is of such an advanced age that, by the time my boys are old enough to have discussions about subjects of this import, he won't be around to talk to them.

It would be my hope that there is a significant number of people who have open minds to the extent that they can accept irrefutable evidence as such, and not dispute it, or worse, simply ignore it, because of some deeply engraved beliefs stamped in their psyches by who-knows-who, who-knows-when. I personally abhor the thought of forever being at the mercy of some who-knows-who, who-knows-when.
New Law Enforcement Strategy In Palestine - a bit harsh by U. S. standards, but nonetheless effective. This incident has been circulating for several days, but I like Daniel Pipes' take on it, Palestinian Terrorism Bests Palestinian Anarchy, so I pass it along.

Scroll down to other interesting comments that Daniel has found, especially the one from Megan K. Stack in the LAT, which I might title, "Drat, missed them again."