Friday, April 30, 2004

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Happy Día del Niño (Children's Day).
Schools all have special plans for today. My 4 year-old is accompanying his classmates to a wild animal park. My 6 year-old is participating in the festivities at his school. The typical festivities include:
No-uniform day. Street clothes only, because;
They have spent hours decorating eggshells and filling them with flour to;
Splatter all over one another. They will arrive home looking like ghosts, and;
Filling water ballons to splatter all over one another. Make that wet ghosts.

In light of the above, I visited a private school this morning where I serve as a consejero, or advisor, spent an hour and a half with the seventh grade class, then got the heck out of there.

I have no special plans for my school, but I imagine that absenteeism rates will run high this afternoon.

This begins a run of festivals for the next two weeks which will include Día del Niño (today), Labor Day (May 1), Cinco del Mayo (May 5), and culminating in Mother's Day.

Cinco del Mayo is an official government holiday only in Puebla, because it was here that Gen. Zaragoza defeated the French army and stopped it's march to Mexico City. The French army returned the following year (a year during which Gen. Zaragoza died of illness) and the defense this time was not successful. The French marched on to Mexico City, took control of the country and put Emporer Maximiliano in power, where he remained until his reign, and his life, was ended by Benito Juarez.

The Cinco del Mayo parade here is one of the country's largest and is usually visited by the president. I have not heard whether President Fox will be here this year, but he probably will.

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Thursday, April 29, 2004

OK, I managed to get some links up on the sidebar. Tomorrow I will explain why they are there and I will have a couple of comments about some specific ones. However, the Email me! link does not appear to be working. I do not know why. Is it not possible to email oneself? It is late and I will work on it for awhile in the morning.

Read this:

I guess Rene has never met anyone who actually joined the armed forces to serve their country. In the world that Rene inhabits, no such thing exists. For Gonzales and most of his ilk, when a person says they joined the army out of duty to country and freedom, they just assume the person has been brainwashed by commercials or recruitment officers. Ramon and Tyrone are poor and stupid.

Michelle told us she was foregoing the war/political blogging for awhile. I'm glad it was for only a little while.

I have pointed out to my students that our ground commander in Iraq is Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez from Rio Grande City, Texas. I told my students that he was a "Mexicano sangriento" (bloodthirsty Mexican). They all got a kick out of it.
Oops, looks like I re-posted the same post from two posts ago. Am I posted out already? And how the hell does one provide an email link to oneself? Not to mention comments. I'm still working.
For a few good yucks, visit often and watch as I struggle to build and develop this blog over the next few days, weeks, months, decades.
For a few good yucks, visit often and watch as I struggle to build and develop this blog over the next few days, weeks, months, decades.
Good morning. This is the first posting for my new blog. I will be offering the latest news concerning Los Bosques English Language School in Puebla, Puebla, Mexico, as well as my thoughts and opinions on the issues of the day. I will offer links to the articles, comments and posts of many other bloggers around the world which I have found to be of interest and worth passing on. So, I am pleased to join the blogosphere and hope that, at least occasionally, I can contribute something of value or interest.

Mark in Mexico