Sunday, July 25, 2004

Hello, I'm back!
I've been down with a vicious cold.  I have now been on ampicillan to the tune of 1500 mgs. per day for 9 days and it's still with me.  I guess I'm not going to die, so I may as well blog, no?

Lessee, The Lance has won the Tour de France, again (sixth straight).  His opposition this year, including the feller who last summer said that he would "squash Lance Armstrong like a toad", melted away like the French defending Paris.

The Yankees are out in front of the Red Sox by 8 1/2 or 9 1/2, depending on what day you check.  Don't blink or it will be 15.

Bush will squash Kerry like a toad (is there an echo in here?).

Our good friends and allies, like the Filipinos, are running, shreiking, from any confrontation that might cause a little blood to flow (unlesss, of course, it's American blood, in which case they are right behind us all the way).

The camel jockies are threatening to send a line of car bombers to make the sreets run red.

The BUSHLIED crowd is frantically searching for something about which he may actually have lied, since the 9/11 panel has concluded that Clarke lied, Joe Wilson lied, Valerie Plame lied, etc., etc.

Kerry visits the auto capitol of the world, Detroit, to speak to the people who assemble the Rolls Royce.  Rolls Royce?  Where is that assembly plant?

So, I see that absolutely nothing has changed since I last blogged.  Maybe I'll take another sabbatical. (The noise you hear is from my many devoted fans screaming, No! No!)


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