Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Photo Mania!

I am using a program from Picasa called HELLO to post photos to my blogs (this one and Aviones America Latina). There follows a copy of a note that I sent to these people today. I seldom complement someone on a job well done, but this is a glaring exception. If you already have it, use it, and if you ain't got it, get it!

Hello to Hello,

I am a new blogger (6 months) and even newer user of Bloggerbot (3 weeks) and I want to tell you folks that this is the neatest thing since hollow-point bullets. If you object to that analogy, please disregard in favor of the following; It is the neatest thing since round spaghetti (The Chinese invented it square, so it stacked up on your plate, but Marco Polo said,"Hey! No way! We'll make it round so that it swirls onto your plate". Of course, it also slides off of your fork or out of your spoon directly into your lap, but that's another story. Lady and Tramp loved it.)

Seriously, although I have little influence, if you ever need a testimonial, feel free to contact me.

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