Friday, October 22, 2004

James Lileks wields his stiletto

Most of the bloggers out there, both on the left and on the right, come at you like Richard Couer de Lion with his 80 pound English broadsword. Hacking and whacking away at you. Kind of like this blog. But James Lileks wields a stiletto, delicately slicing and dicing his intended victim so quickly, quietly and efficiently that said victim usually never knows he's/she's been carved like the Thanksgiving turkey until James has left the building.

Case in point: In today's Bleat, fisking Teraysa's boorish and ignorant comments about Laura Bush never having a "real" job (only ten years as a teacher/librarian and 20 years give or take as a mother to twin daughters), James says the following concerning, "What do the Democrats think?"

Dubya and Laura in bed:
"What’re you reading, Laur."

"Oh, the Vagina Monologues."

"Don’t bother. We’re gonna win Vagina and West Vagina this year.. ZZZZZZ."
Or, in Monday's Bleat, fisking the ridiculous disaster movie "The Day After Tomorrow";
6. Early in the movie we infer that Dennis Quaid is no longer married to Sela Ward because his demanding job as a paleoclimatologist drove her away. Given that this means he preferred drilling ice to...well, Sela Ward, do you expect us to have any sympathy for this idiot at all?
Now, don't skip the Tuesday nor the Wednesday Bleats, but Monday's and Thursday's were special.

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