Thursday, November 11, 2004

Bob Jones speaks, unfortunately.

Bob Jones III, president of the fundamentalist college that bears his name, has told President Bush he should use his electoral mandate to appoint conservative judges and approve legislation "defined by biblical norm."

"In your re-election, God has graciously granted America - though she doesn't deserve it - a reprieve from the agenda of paganism," Jones wrote Bush in a congratulatory letter posted on the university's Web site.

Say there, Bob ól buddy, FOAD! It is guys like this that give Republicans a bad name ( and me the willies). They operate on the very fringes of the Republican Party and, unfortunately, command a significant bloc of votes. Kind of like Jesse Jackson, Kos, Michael Moore and those of that ilk on the waaaaaaaay other side. I am sure the Pres will find an appropriately benign, meaningless response to thank Bob and assure him that the forces of hell, Satan, Beezelbub and Luis Cypher will not, at least for the next four years, penetrate the tower of power.

Don't believe me? Try substituting, in the above quotation, in the place of "defined by biblical norm" the phrase, "defined by Koranic law." See what I mean?

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