Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Thomas Walkom. Who is this twit?

In Should Canada indict Bush?, an obviously deluded, or drunk, writer? named Thomas Walkom makes the case for indicting President Bush for war crimes. This lunatic, or stumbling drunk, lists the following examples of "war crimes"; Abu Ghraib (naturally), conveniently forgetting that prosecutions for that aberration are underway by U.S. authorities, Guantanamo, deportation of prisoners from Iraq to "shadowy" CIA run torture camps in Jordan (Jordan?) also conveniently forgetting that the deportees, if any, would be non-Iraqi and therefore not protected by the Geneva conventions, and in any case Canada would also have to indict King Abdullah for his part in this alledged nefarious plot to deprive those innocent peace-loving beheaders and followers of the religion of peace of their liberty and justice for all.

He concludes that the brave Canadian adherents to International Law, the same international law that is protecting Christian blacks in Darfur, and liberal students in Iran, and white farmers in Zaire, and Shia in the Sunni Triangle, and newborn baby girls in China, well, they'll just wait until Dubya goes up there fishin'.

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