Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ralph Nader lunges an extra yard for Terrell Owens

Ralph Nader has written a letter to the NFL in support of the worse than useless and utterly poisonous Terrell Owens. Owens was suspended for 4 games by Philadelphia Eagles management and notified that he will be cut from the team at the end of that 4 game suspension. His suspension and release from the team has been widely hailed by both sports commentators and former and current NFL players. Owens latest travesty was in publicly complaining that the Eagles didn't celebrate his 100th touchdown and that the team would be better off without quarterback Donovan McNabb. McNabb, incidentally, led the Eagles to the 2005 Super Bowl, one of only two NFL quarterbacks to manage that feat last year.

Nader's letter to NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue called Owen's comments "boorish and unwarranted" but added that, "There is a great tradition in this country of respecting free speech, and the Eagles and NFL should express those values in handling even churlish speech." Well, the Eagles did handle it, I'd say. Nader went on in his letter to liken Donovan McNabb to the Corvair by calling him "unsafe at any speed". He also compared Eagles coach Andy Reid to Adolph Hitler, NFL officials to Nazi brownshirts and Nader himself to Pope Innocent I.

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