Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mexicans crow; crowds cowed gutless Senators

Mexican president Vicente Fox is crowing about how the crowds of Mexicans in the streets in Los Angeles cowed our gutless politicians on the Senate Judiciary Committee into passing an amnesty bill. The bill grants amnesty to 11,000,000 illegal aliens and means, basically, that you may violate United States law with impunity if you can scare United States politicians.
My recognition and respect for all the Hispanics and all the Mexicans who have made their voice heard. We saw them turn out this weekend all across the United States, and that's going to count for a lot as we move forward.
Now, if Chirac can get enough Frenchmen to march in the streets, will the Senate cede English as the world-wide language of economics, finance, science and diplomacy in favor of French? Parlay voo fransay? If the Chinese can get enough people to march in the streets, will the Senate close up, or tax and regulate out of existence, every American industry in favor of the sweat shops and slave labor of China? Ready for the minimum wage to be lowered to $1.59 - per day? If the Muslims can get enough people to march in the streets, will the Senate incorporate Sharia law into American jurisprudence and women will become chattel? Cover up them bruised and battered faces, ladies!

This may be the most cowardly and gutless act ever perpetrated on the American people by their elected invertebrates in the Senate. The people marching in the streets this past weekend waving tens of thousands of Mexican flags are not Americans and they don't deserve to be. But they are treated as equals to us by our pusillanimous and spineless senators. No, they are treated as our betters. What Senator will come to your aid if you get stopped at a port of entry with $10,100.00 USD in cash or equivalent which you have failed to declare? Will you receive amnesty? Will you be welcomed by bishops and "latino" or "hispanic" politicians (maybe, if you promise to give them half)? Will thousands gather to march in the streets waving the Star Spangled Banner on your behalf? And I would ask you who might represent a greater threat to American law enforcement? The American citizen carrying $101.00 too much undeclared cash or the starving, desperate Mexican who wades across the river to break into the first unguarded house he finds?

I see this all the time here. By all the time, I mean at least once per week. People gather in the streets - here it's a group of teachers demanding higher pay, in Monterrey it's a group of health care workers demanding higher pay, in Mexico City it's a group of railroad workers demanding higher pay and over in Guadalajara it's a group representing bureaucrats demanding higher pay. And the government's reaction? The same as our lily-livered toads in the United States Senate. They cow and cave, rob a little Peter to pay a little Paul - just enough to get the streets cleared until the next groups gather. Is this how the United States government is now going to be managed? By mob rule - and Mexican mobs, at that? Apparently so. It sure worked this time.

Americans deserve all the hate we get from all over the world. We are truly incredibly stupid people.

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