Thursday, April 28, 2005

Benon Sevon rattles the saber

Benny Avni, writing in The New York Sun, reports that Benon Sevon's lawyer has threatened to go public if Sevon's mounting legal fees are not paid by the UN in the burgeoning oil-for-food scandal. Some interesting tidbits from the report rear their ugly heads.
Mr. Sevan's knowledge of the program might include potentially damaging information about several U.N. officials.
"...might..."? How about "...absolutely positively includes enough damaging information to seriously burn some asses at the UN."

And this is really hysterical:
After the Sun reported last month the decision to reimburse Mr. Sevan's legal fees with funds left over from the oil-for-food account, Mr. Malloch Brown announced the decision would be reversed.
"...funds left over from the oil-for-food account."? What "funds left over" are they talking about? Is this not money that rightfully belongs to the Iraqi people? They no longer require food and medicine in Iraq? Anytime one thinks that the US congress plays fast and loose with other people's money, just take a look at the UN. The last I heard, and I don't remember where I read this, the oil-for-food program owed the Iraqi Kurds some 1.5 billion, as in BILLION, dollars. "..funds left over..." What a hoot.

And as you peruse the article, note the ex-Clinton lawyers drawn to this scuzzy affair. Gregory Craig, Lanny Davis and Robert Bennett have been attracted like flies are drawn to, well, you-know-what. The terms shyster and ambulance chaser come most immediately to mind.

All of the investigating committees which have involved themselves, including the US House of Representatives, the US Senate and the UN's Volker Committee, will accomplish nothing more than the the usual bloviating and hot air expulsions (spending OUR money in the process). My only hope would be the criminal investigations being carried out by the FBI and the NY State Attorney General (Spitzer, who wants to be governor). The politicians will accomplish nothing, nor will Volker's group, which is already beset with desertions by disaffected staff investigators.

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