Thursday, April 21, 2005

Lileks on The Byrd Option, Republicans, and John McCain

James Lileks, my favorite stiletto, writing in the NNS, has this to say about The Byrd Option:
Republicans (or is it Democrats?) want a procedural vote on a caucus resolution to allow a supermajority to change the rules for the plurality of the quorum unless someone brings kryptonite into the Senate chamber, which saps the supermajority of its strength, thereby requiring a cage match between Sens. Robert Byrd and Bill Frist, no holds barred, unless a simple majority -- so described because they're just stupid, or 'simple' -- votes to ban the sleeper hold, which has caused so many deaths in the British parliament.
And this about Republicans:
They looked at that election map, awash in red, and assumed they had a mandate to repeal Roe v. Wade, to roll environmental protection so far back that people get a tax break for driving a Hummer over endangered species, to repeal whichever laws of thermodynamics are not found in the Bible.
And this about John McCain:
But the only GOP overreach here was performed by McCain, who perhaps believed his boundless popularity would earn him another pass. Expect the GOP base to say nay. You want to ruin our chance to get back the judiciary? You want to be independent? Then run for president as one.

Have your party at the Ross Perot Presidential Library.

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