Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Jim Jeffords to resign as president of The NRA

At a press conference today, Sen. Jim Jeffords (I, for idiot), Vermont, announced that he would not run for reelection as president of The NRA (National Ringworm Association, "The Other NRA"). Sen. Jeffords seemed nonplussed and even a little confused when asked if he would also not run again for the office of senator from Vermont.

On a similar note, James Taranto tells us, : "CNN reported this afternoon that an apparently confused Mr. Jeffords had recently appeared in the House of Representatives, where he served earlier, and been told that he was in the wrong chamber."

Anonymous citizen jounalists report that Sen. Jeffords then left the chamber and went directly to the nearest Denny's where he ordered a Big Mac and fries.

Update: Other comments by Jane Galt and Professor Bainbridge.

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