Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Death to Norwegians!!!

Why, "Death to Norwegians"? I'll tell you why. They are barbarians. They are poisonous snakes who have poisoned humanity. These white men have set off a devilish spiral in the whole world... to plague people. And, worst of all, their children are illigitimate, because they have them here and there.

Or so says "Satan's Son", a book published in the Urdu (Pakistan) language by unknown mullah(s) or other religious leader(s) believed living in Norway, which I guess makes him/them experts on the matter.

A Norwegian free speech lawyer remarked that taking the book to the police was the wrong thing to do. He says that the best response is to open debate. Hmmm. Well, I have to agree. I would open the debate with the Ted Nugent gambit. Two or three clips from my AR-15 emptied into my debate opponents no-longer-twitching body and as many of those of his supporters as possible.

OK, now we can debate.

Where do the Urdu-speakers have their children? Hither and yon?

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