Monday, March 19, 2007

Mexico City: APPO loses another one

The APPO "planton" (campout or permanent, 24/7 demonstration) which has been set up in front of the National Senate for, er, months, was removed early this morning by city police forces. The DF forces were under the ultimate command of the city's mayor who is an APPO sympathizer, except when APPO trashes his city instead of ours. So long as APPO conducts its dirty business in Oaxaca, disrupting our lives and wrecking our streets, buildings and economy, Mayor Marcelo Ebrard is behind them (a few steps back) all the way. When APPO tries the same tactics in his city, however, little patience is shown.

The DF police are reporting that the removal of the demonstrators and their belongings took place "without incident". APPO, of course, is claiming assaults, robberies and "humiliations". I'm not quite sure what "humiliations" are.

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