Wednesday, July 27, 2005

An Insane Policy

The illegal border crossings from Mexico to the U. S. by "OTM" - Other Than Mexican - so far this year has exceeded the total for 2004 in just 8 months. Some of these illegals are from terrorist designated countries. What do we do with the ones we catch? Let them go. The detention centers are all packed, so the illegals are given a court summons which 85% ignore and then disappear.

The Border Patrol has arrested 119,000 so far this year. The OTM's know they will be released, so, in many cases, they seek out Border Patrol agents and give themselves up. They get free food for a few days and a hot shower or two and then appear in court, get a summons to return for an immigration hearing, and then say, "Goodby" or whatever it is in their language.


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