Saturday, July 23, 2005

Terrorists demand Egyptian troops leave Iraq

Wait, Egypt doesn't have any troops in Iraq. Or Afghanistan. Nor were there ever.

What others are saying:

Joe Gandelman atThe Moderate Voice reports 62 dead. Al Qaeda apparently doesn't like Muslim beachgoers.

Jan Haugland at Secular Blasphemy reports at least 45 dead and it's Egypt's important tourist industry that Osama doesn't like.

Marc at USS Neverdock reports at least 34 dead and Muslims will stop murdering Muslims when America leaves Afghanistan and Iraq.

Gateway Pundit says death toll has climbed to 83. A lot of Muslims being murdered for America's and Britain's sins, no?

Ross at The Talent Show doesn't know what to think about this but things seem more dangerous.

Dr. Steven Taylor at PoliBlog says 83 dead, most Egyptians, from at least two bombs in the "City of Peace" committed by followers of the "Religion of Peace".

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters asks why the Left can't grasp the true cause of these effects.

Brian Ulrich at Liberals Against Terrorism mulls a change in travel plans.

Gerry Daly at Daly Thoughts waits for Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed to explain how murdering Muslims in Egypt punishes Britain for Iraq.

Cori Dauber at RantingProfs asks, "How can anyone doubt this is a form of political depravity?"

Duncan Black/Atrios at Eschaton says bombings in Egypt might actually have greater long term significance than those in London. He needs to explain.

Andrew Cochran at The Counterterrorism Blog reports 88 people dead and motive may be upcoming trial of Sinai murderers.

Chad Evans at In the Bullpen says 36 dead, 100 wounded.

Smash at Indepundit asks, "Why attack Egypt? They've got no troops in Iraq..." and "Someone doesn't like tourists."..."Damn".

The Farmer at Corrente reports that the Ghazala Garden - a 176-room four-star resort on the main tourist strip in Naama - was "completely burned down, destroyed."


Billmon at Whisky Bar waiting for Juan Cole's analysis.

Arthur Chrenkoff at Chrenkoff muses, "If only the Americans would withdraw from Iraq..."

Dan Darling, guesting at The Fourth Rail, says blasts should make clear to anyone who isn't a blithering moron (or blaming Mossad) that Egypt has an Islamist problem that is in many ways encouraged by the state-run media, which is one of the most anti-Semitic institutions on the planet.

Kevin at Lean Left says "Spare some prayers or good wishes for Egypt today."

Today from My Blogospheroid:

Michele at A Small Victory analyzes news coverage and notes "that people care far less about 60 people dying in a terrorist attack in Egypt than a terrorist being shot in a subway in London. In fact, I learned that if it doesn't happen in the U.S. or England, it doesn't get much notice."

Andrew Apostolou at Apostablog quotes Alaa Hasanayn, an Egyptian parliamentarian and eyewitness as saying, "This explosion is not related to Islam or Christianity at all. It is related to Judaism," and "I frankly believe that Israel stands behind the operation, as those killed and injured are mostly Arabs, particularly Egyptians." but that the Abdullah Azzam Brigades of al-Qaeda have claimed responsibility, claiming "a smashing attack on the Crusaders, Zionists and the renegade Egyptian regime in Sharm el-Sheikh." It is a sad day when the terrorists of al-Qaeda are more honest than an Egyptian parliamentarian. (Why don't I see very many people linking to Andrew? Maybe because no comments or trackbacks allowed? I dunno.)

Austin Bay at Austin Bay Blog reports "Bomb Blasts in Egypt - Tyrants and Terrorists Are At War With Arabs"

Wretchard at The Belmont Club says, "Terrorism does not exist simply because the Google search engine lets us pull together disparate threads to conceive it." and much much more.

Michele (again) at The Command Post reports blasts in Spain, also.

Confederate Yankee says, "...feeding hatred is an unsustainable idea, for hatred is unpredictable, disloyal, irrational, and it will always find a way to turn back on you.

Dean Esmay at Dean's World says, "Terrroists Crap Where They Eat."

GOP Bloggers says, "To stop terror, stop the Madrassas."

Imshin at Not a Fish says, "Sinai again." She's familiar with the area.

Instapundit with many links and comments.

The Jawa Report - The situation just gets worse - 83 dead.

Little Green Footballs - MSM yawns.

Michelle Malkin - Who will be first to blame Bush, Blair, and Iraq? I think her trackback got spammed.

D. J. Drummond at PoliPundit reminds us that America is at war.

Dan Darling is posting here.

Roger Simon notes that Big Pharoah, blogging from Cairo, had no Arab site visits - sad.

Weapons of Mass Destruction: 50 televisions and no mention of Egyptian terror attack

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