Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Arnold to Tookie: Hasta la vista, baby.

Tookie Williams was executed in California this morning for the murders of four people, including a mother-father-daughter trio.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declined to grant clemency to Stanley "Tookie" Williams because, in the governor's words,
Stanley Williams insists he is innocent, and that he will not and should not apologize or otherwise atone for the murders," Schwarzenegger wrote. Without an apology and atonement for these senseless and brutal killings there can be no redemption.
FOXNews this morning interviewed a reporter who was one of the 39 witnesses. He said that the families of the murder victims were allowed 5 representatives and Williams was allowed 5 to witness the execution. I watched two different interviews with the reporter and he said, as best as I can recall, that Williams' witnesses were on the other side of the execution chamber. He said that Williams turned his head to the left to face his witnesses and had to turn his head to the right to confront the reporters. I don't think the reporter detailed the location of the 5 victim's witnesses.

The Reporter said that at one point Williams "snapped his head around to the right" to face the reporters and other witnesses. The FOX reporter, whose name I don't recall, said that Williams stared at the witnesses for "10 to 12 seconds" in an what the reporter said was a clear attempt to "intimidate" the witnesses. The reporter repeated this observation in both of his interviews.

FOXNews also interviewed Geraldine Ferarro. She said that the California governor's denial of clemency was due to the fact that Williams showed no remorse right to the end. She made the point that Williams would not have had to apologize for the murders. If he had made any statement to the victims' families at all he might have had a better chance of success with the clemency hearing. Her point was that Williams should have addressed a statement to the victims' families that he understood their grief and felt sorry that their loved ones had been so brutally murdered. But he did not. In fact, she said, Williams has not once mentioned the victims or their families in the 25 years since his conviction. Imagine that. Not once in 25 years had Williams showed any concern whatsoever for the families of four murdered innocents.

Wow! Baldilocks unloads on some people who know little of what they speak and even less about how to speak it.

Jesse Jackson is off to the next crusade, after calling Arnold a weenie. I don't know as how I'd want to challenge Arnold Schwarzenegger' manhood. That sounds like a losing proposition to me. Doesn't Jackson ever go to the movies?

Via Michelle Malkin, let's see what the fake Indian Ward Churchill has to say. This should be sickening.
Residing like God over life and death of a man . . . he's not fit to lick the boots off.
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is not fit to lick the boots off of Stanley Tookie Williams. Uh-huh.

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