Saturday, December 17, 2005

Now Colin Powell comes out swinging

In a stunning statement during an interview on the BBC, Colin Powell says that the White House was never told of doubts about WMD intelligence by the CIA.
Mr Powell, who argued the case for military action against Saddam Hussein in the UN in 2003, told BBC News 24 television he was "deeply disappointed in what the intelligence community had presented to me and to the rest of us."

"What really upset me more than anything else was that there were people in the intelligence community that had doubts about some of this sourcing, but those doubts never surfaced to us," he said.
While admitting that he had been bypassed on occasion by some of the White House hawks and that some discussions with Donald Rumsfeld "were not pleasant", Powell came nowhere close to the position taken by his former chief-of-staff Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson. Wilkerson essentially accused the White House hawks, Cheney and Rumsfeld of running a "cabal" to wrest control of foreign policy away from the State Department.

Powell's position seems to be that everybody, from Bush and himself on down, got bad information from the CIA and then acted upon it. As far as our continued presence in Iraq, Powell was 100% supportive of the Bush administration:
But he told the BBC that "essentially just to walk away, to say that we're taking all of our troops out as fast as we can, would be a tragic mistake". A US presence would be required in Iraq for "years", he added.

"We've invested a great deal in this country, and the Iraqi people deserve democracy and the freedom that they were promised when we got rid of Saddam Hussein and we have to stay with them... until they decide that they can get it now on their own, they don't need us any longer," he added.
This must be causing heartburn amongst the leftie administraters of the BBC who were no doubt hoping for a tell-all fingerpointing tattle tale from Powell. Sorry, mateys.

This comes on the heels of his derisive dismissal of the furor in Europe over "illegal" CIA flights across Erope to move terror suspects from point A to point Ouch.
"There's a little bit of the movie Casablanca in this, where, you know, the inspector says 'I'm shocked, shocked that this kind of thing takes place'.

"Well, most of our European friends cannot be shocked that this kind of thing takes place... The fact that we have, over the years, had procedures in place that would deal with people who are responsible for terrorist activities, or suspected of terrorist activities, and so the thing that is called rendition is not something that is new or unknown to my European friends."
The BBC must be shocked, shocked, that David Frost couldn't get Powell to once mention President Chimplerburton Gitmostein in a bad light.
"The United States is going through a period right now where public opinion world-wide is against us.

"I think that's a function of some of the policies we have followed in recent years with respect to Iraq and in not solving the Middle East's problem and perhaps the way in which we have communicated our views to the rest of the world, we have created an impression that we are unilateralist, we don't care what the rest of the world thinks.

"I don't think it's a fair impression"
Powell's disputes with Cheney and Rumsfeld are well known so there's no there, there. The best that the BBC can do is, and you'll see this if you follow the link above, show a photo of 5 US troops on patrol somewhere in Iraq with this caption:
The state department's plans for post-war Iraq were discarded
I cannot find a transcript of the interview which was shown tonight on BBC World TV and later on BBC News24. In fact, I followed both links and there was no mention whatsoever of the interview on either website. Try your luck.

UPDATE: I spelled Colin Powell's first name "Colon", in the post title, no less. Aaaargh! That's embarrassing.

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