Friday, May 19, 2006

Badges? I don't gots to show you no stinkin' badges!

Our old buddy in Iran, Mymood Ahmadanadajihad, has proposed that all non-Muslims in Iran be required to wear color-coded badges to identify them as apostates, heretics and, well, Jews, especially. I vaguely remembered hearing about somebody else doing about this same thing, once. So, I did a little research and found some fine examples of Jew badges that the Iranians and their president, Mymood Ahmadanadajihad, can use as precedents. That is, if Mymood has enough time between writing his various letters to the Great Satan, the Catholic Apostate Kahuna and others. I hear he's looking for the zip code of the Dalai Lama even as we speak.

The branding of Jews with a special sign in Nazi Germany and the occupied countries was designed to enable them to be distinguished from the general population, and consequently isolated from it and degraded in its eyes.

The Jews themselves were required to manufacture the badges and distribute them.
And, hey! If he follows the historical lead, he can also find gainful employment for the ne'er-do-well Jooz there in Iran, making their own badges.

Much more here. And much more at Hot Air, Atlas Shrugs, Clayton Cramer, Jeff Goldstein (he may be a bit slanted against the idea -- I mean, look at his name -- does that look Zoroastrian to you?), Democracy Project might be going just a bit overboard, Andrew Olmsted finds it hard to avoid comparisons, Jawa-Still-in-Beta 2.0, Point Five, Ninth State purloins my title, Sigmund, Carl and Alfred are unanimous, Ken McCracken sees the handwriting on the wall, and many, many more.

Most of the lefty bloggers are leaving this one alone, since they might find themselves in agreement (HORRORS!) with the right on this one. With a glaring exception, however. Taylor Marsh, who apparently is a Democrat, blames Bush. Jeezus.

Question re Iran and fearless leader Mymood Ahmadanadajihad: Would the phrase "Bomb them back to the stone age" be apropos, here? Just askin'.

Now, these guys have had the right idea for a long time.See how easy it is to recognize these fellows, even from a distance? From left-to-right, they are easily identifiable as Joo, Hindu apostate, Catholic apostate and The Great Satan's Murdering Crusader.

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