Sunday, May 28, 2006

John Kerry was an Army Ranger

Stars and Stripes, the newspaper that my father read in Belgium and France, reports that Jesse MacBeth, feared hunter-killer of the US Army combined Special Forces/Rangers/Airborne/Swift Boat/M1A1/7th Cavalry/SWAT/MASH/STEELERS/USPS/NASCAR operation in Iraq, said, when asked why the Army found no record of his service,

"They did the same thing to John Kerry."

Wow! I didn't know that. The Army said it couldn't find any record of Kerry having served in the Army. Lying bastards.

Sgt. Major Lt. (jg) Col. (Full Bird) Benjamin Hill, commander of the US Army's combined Special Forces / Rangers / Airborne / Swift Boat / M1A1 / 7th Cavalry / SWAT / MASH / STEELERS / USPS / NASCAR Expeditionary Force (commonly known as SFRASBM1A17CSMSUSPSNASCAR, but more commonly referred to by the acronym T.H.E.M.) in Belgravia, Yugoslavia.

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