Saturday, April 29, 2006

Don't mess with Texas -- if you're really, really sick.

They'll just kill you . . . and it will be legal.

John Hawkins has been on this outrageous case of state sanctioned murder for a week. I'm sure that you've all read something about it and have made your opinions known. In any case, here is the trail of John's informative posts up to now. As they say in Texas Hold'em, "Read'em and weep."
The Sad Case Of Andrea Clarke
An Andrea Clarke Update
Time Is Running Out For Andrea Clark
Some Good News On The Andrea Clark Front
Andrea Clark's Life Has Been Spared
To summarize, Andrea Clarke is conscious and can communicate. She doesn't want to die. We know this because she says so.

The staff of St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital (the Baptists wouldn't do this) says her condition is hopeless and she is in constant pain from a bedsore. Put to death for a bedsore? This highly trained and professional staff arranged for Andrea's transfer to another facility in Illinois. Then they halted the transfer 20 minutes before her scheduled departure when it was discovered that the Illinois facility was a nursing home with a dialysis machine down in the basement. The St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital staff is just a little light on research, obviously. Andrea needs a lot more than a dialysis machine and walking up and down flights of stairs to the basement would be, er, difficult.

In any event, St. Luke's has magnanimously agreed to forestall the murder of Andrea until this coming Tuesday, one day (24 hours -- 1440 minutes -- 86,400 seconds) past the original deadline for pulling the plug(s) and putting Andrea to death. Mighty generous of them, I'd say. Wouldn't you?

John asks that we pass on the following contact information for St. Luke's in the event that they are still answering their phones. John further reminds us to BE POLITE.
St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital
6720 Bertner Ave.
Houston, TX 77030

St. Luke's Medical Towers 6624 Fannin
Houston, TX 77030

Main Telephone 832-355-1000
Patient Room Information 832-355-1000
International Services 832-355-3350
International from Mexico 001-95-800-010-1784

Email contacts:
St. Luke's Main -- ( Email)

International Services -- ( Email&
Those are pretty funky looking Email addresses. I hope they work.

UPDATE: All hail 'cause Gmail says the Email didn't fail.

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