Thursday, April 06, 2006

NYPD Department Chief: NEVER F***ING AGAIN!

In 1978, Hasidic Jews (the Orthodox types who wear black suits, black hats, beards and pigtails), angry over something or other, stormed the NYPD's Precinct 66 station house in Brooklyn, causing the police to retreat. Since that infamous day, the station house has been referred to derisively as Fort Surrender.

Tuesday night, an elderly Hasidic Jew, 75 year-old Joseph Schick, was sitting in his car at a traffic light chatting on his cell phone. When the light turned green, he continued sitting and chatting. The two police officers in the car stuck behind him finally had to drive around his roadblock. When the officers observed that brother Schick was chatting rather than paying attention to business, the officers attempted to write him a ticket for using a cell phone while pretending to operate a motor vehicle. Brother Schick got irate, left his car, began berating the officers and calling out to passersby (presumably Hasidim, also, who had filled the streets in preparation for the Passover celebration), "See what they are doing to me?"

That started the riot . . . smashing windows, setting fires, chanting slogans . . . you know, just like in Paris - or Brooklyn, 1978. Now, NYPD Chief of Department Joseph Esposito, no doubt vowing, FORT SURRENDER -- NEVER AGAIN!, confronted the rioters outside the Brooklyn station house along with a bunch of witnesses, including City Councilman Simcha Felder, and screamed,
"Get the f***ing Jews out of here. I want heads rolling!"
"Simcha, if you don't want to help me, get the f*** out of here!"
Councilman Felder has taken some offense. The NYPD is denying that Esposito used the word "Jew" in relation to the word "f***ing". They say he said, ". . . f***ing people . . .." Councilman Felder, whose very name indicates that he is neither Chinese nor Arab Muslim, disagrees, emphatically,
"I dare him to say, 'I unequivocally did not say, 'Get the f- - -ing Jews out of here,' " Felder told The Post. "We will bring witnesses upon witnesses upon witnesses to confirm what he said. If they try to push this under the rug, they are in for a rude awakening."
but also reasonably,
"The remark he made about Jews - that could be made about blacks, Hispanics, about anyone else. It's inexcusable," Felder said. "When you use the word Jew with the word 'f- - -ing' in any fashion, something is seriously wrong. What should be done? I leave that to the mayor and the police commissioner."
What should be done is this:
  • Chief f***ing Esposito acknowledges his use of the term "f***ing Jew" and f***ing apologizes for same;
  • NYPD Commissioner f***ing Kelly f***ing apologizes, also;
  • the f***ing moron Schick pays his f***ing fines for his various f***ing offenses and gets on with his f***ing life;
  • the f***ing Hasidim who were arrested for smashing f***ing windows and setting f***ing fires in the f***ing streets during the f***ing riot get the f***ing book thrown at them by a f***ing judge.

That is all I have to f***ing say about this whole sorry f***ing episode, except to f***ing declare that I hope this soon all Passes Over.

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