Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ixtepec, Oaxaca, Mexico: Felipe Calderón responds immediately to priest's arrest.

Even before the scandal hit the news wires yesterday, Felipe Calderón had the PFP mount up and ride into Ixtepec. To bring yourselves up to date, read this post and then this post if you haven't already.

It now seems apparent that Padre Alejandro Solalinde Guerra was released by Ixtepec Municipal police because the PFP had 6 investigators interviewing the priest, the arresting officers and the illegal Central American aliens who were arrested with Padre Solalinde. The PFP also took photos of all of the arrested, including Padre Solalinde, sitting in their jail cells. Shortly thereafter, the good padre was freed.

The commander of the PFP contingent, identified only as Ramírez, said he was under direct orders from the Secretary of Public Security to move into Ixtepec and get to the bottom of what occurred yesterday. I like that. The PFP won't take any crap from anybody, least of all a bunch of local Deputy Fife's (no offense meant to Barney -- he was an honest cop).

Meanwhile, Padre Solalinde announced his intentions to file a human rights abuse charge against the Ixtepec police. He says he's not doing this on account of what happened to him, but on behalf of the illegals that disappeared yesterday.

Padre Solalinde says that the 12 illegals, whom he identified as 3 women, 4 children and 5 men, have still not been located. He charged as well that of the 30 he was aware of that were arrested along with himself, some 12 of them are missing also. He referred particularly to a Nicaraguan youth named Alejandro who, according to Padre Solalinde, "stood up to the police."

Presidente Felipe Calderón continues to impress.

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