Friday, January 05, 2007

Oaxaca, Mexico: Email of the week - Mark in Mexico vows, "No more Playgirl centerfold appearances."

I usually dump these spam Emails without ever bothering to open them, but I inadvertantly opened this one and thought it was cute. I'll share it with you.
I got your email contacts here in asylum camp where i currently reside for refuge on my going through a magazine and decided to contact you with faith for this help. My sources of your contact gave me the courage and confidence to contact you. It is my pleasure to contact you though I have not met with you before pleading you for this help, but i want you to consider it as the will of God for my knowing who you are.
She goes on to claim the usual rebel assassination of her father, millions of dollars in a bank account in Sierra Leone (that's in Africa, if you don't get out much or don't receive the same volume of spam as I) and the usual yada yada yada.

What caught my eye was the "through a magazine" bit. Well that cuts it. I've done my last full frontal nude pictorial in Playgirl, that's for sure. The fact that I only today discover that poor refugees have nothing better to do than pass my data around their asylum camp fills me with remorse.

And then this:
Please, I want you to know that it will require money according to the bank on my last discussion with the manager, this is the reason I cried unto you for Godly help to get this money out of the bank.
Who does she think I am? Jesse James? Joaquin Murietta?

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"No robo bancos. Soy accionista. Preferimos robo legítimo, ¿no?"

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