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Memeorandum: Gabe Rivera et al are trying to kill me



I'm back. I really should have tried to post yesterday or even Thursday night, but several large boulders fell on me during my R&R in one Mexican hospital or another and I've been trying to dig out from under them. Thank you all for the very kind and concerned comments and Emails. I'll try to answer them as I get time.
This blogger has, for the past 3-4 years, made it a habit -- no -- a ritual, to open each session at the keyboard with a visit to Memeorandum. I probably hit this website 4-6 times per day, every day. I instructed Susan to do the same. She is not a big fan of the political punch-outs that take place daily in the blogosphere and Memeorandum was not a site that she visited on a regular basis.

My only contacts with Memeorandum have been with Gabe Rivera, but I must assume he does not manage this website alone, standing behind a curtain pulling levers and punching buttons a la The Wiz. Hence, the "et al" in this post's title. When I lit up my computer today for the first time in almost 2 weeks, this is what I found awaiting Poppa and his delicate condition (and I give them to you in the exact order in which they appeared before my horrified eyes):

Kerry rips Bush in front of former Iranian president at Davos; Update: Video added - in which a United States Senator and bitter political reject visits the discredited World Economic Forum and rips his own government to the delighted applause of the former president of a country run by anti-Semites, murderers, rapists and child molesters. A government that also is financing and supporting the almost daily murders of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Kerry: U.S. A "Pariah" Nation Under Bush


Kerry Slams US In Davos Summit


John Kerry With the Enemies of America

On to a new subject, but it doesn't get any better ("Oh yeah. This just keeps gettin' better and better." -- Brendan Fraser in The Mummy after defeating 10 or so zombies and being counter-attacked by 50) -- Is Gabe Rivera a zombie bent on Mark in Mexico's destruction?:

Tens of thousands in D.C. protest war -- In which AP reporter Larry Margasak dishonestly bloats a real turnout of barely more than 10,000.


Tens of Thousands Demand Iraq Withdrawal -- In which Calvin Woodward, Stephen Manning and Kasie Hunt, all of the AP, join the liar Margasak in repeating his gross overstatement.

Are we having fun, yet? I'm not. Next:

Davos Notes: John McCain Bites My Head Off -- In which a whining Arianna Huffington whines that John McCain recognized her as a huge, though irrelevant, pain-in-the-ass as well as a Patriotic Terrorist, and treated her thusly.


Davos: Senator McCain on China. -- Well, finally a link to someone who asked a question of Senator McCain, listened to his detailed answer with a open mind, and admits that he learned something. Whew!

Next: (I knew this was too good to last.)

Thousands Protest Bush Policy -- In which the New York Times, not to be outdone by the AP, repeats the "Tens of thousands" lie in the first three words of its report. The NYT goes the AP one step further by hinting that there were many politicians involved, when the AP admitted that only 6 actually showed up.

And so it went, from stories about ex-President Bush becoming so angry at his son's unfair treatment by a hostile (and lying) mainstream media that he sometimes finds himself talking back to his television, to Garry Wills in the New York Times splitting hairs over the meaning of "commander-in-chief", to the fat-assed, ethically challenged John Conyers praising America's enemies Code Pink, Hanoi Jane Fonda, Sean "What's a boat's drain plug for, anyway?" Penn, Tim "Bush is My Devil" Robbins and many others too. Well, it was just very disheartening.

I might remind you that Memeorandum updates like every 30 seconds, give or take, so you won't see what I saw. You can, however, scroll down to the bottom of the Memeorandum side bar to the Archives box, type in - January 27, 2007, 10:00 PM - and then click "Go". You'll see just what I saw.

Hemlock, anyone? Salud!

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