Saturday, May 08, 2004

Aztlan Update

Time to visit La Voz de Aztlan and see what we have missed in the last couple of days of continued colonialist and Jewish persecution/subjugation of Mexico/Mexican-Americans. If you aren't familiar with Aztlan, go here. The website is actually a description of MEChA, the Aztlan student group active on many campuses in the US, but has a great map of the "Aztlan" that is the historical domain of , uh, Aztecs? Mexicans? Indigenas? I'm not sure yet, but we will get into that later.

News Bulletin #1 - May 7, 2004 - Jewish Terrorists Threaten La Voz de Aztlan Again

OK, I'll bite.

Well, if what La Voz has reproduced here is, in fact, true and accurate, I must say that the JDL is being pretty stupid. Answering these people in kind plays right into their hands (I do not, of course, include the protection of life and property). "Zionist Threats", "Suppression of Free Speech" all can be seen and heard as a result of threats such as that reproduced in this bulletin, again with the caveat that it is accurate.

I will contact the JDL (not outlawed, to the best of my knowledge, as is stated in the story) for confirmation. I assume that they will respond to a goyim.

News Bulletin #2 - USA rape and sodomization of Iraqis worst than imagined
Collusion with US based Jewish pornographers seen
by Ernesto Cienfuegos

I didn't link to this story. You can go there if you wish, but I won't help. It is too noxious. If you do visit, please note that in neither the "eyewitness" account nor in the "victim's" account appear the terms "uniform", "U.S. soldiers", "U.S. mercenaries" or "military vehicles". Only "armed men". Well, if the only armed men in Iraq were U.S. troops, then I can understand the inference. However....

And "Jewish pornographers"? I shall query the JDL about this, also.

Question to Ernesto Cienfuegos, affectionately known by all his many tens of friends as Ernie 100Flickers: So, do you really think that this serves the interests of your chicano brethren?

That's all for now, I'm on my way to pursue the JDL line.

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