Tuesday, May 04, 2004

To Lee Salem, vice-president for Print Syndication, Universal Press Syndicate,

To: lsalem@amuniversal.com

Subject: Pat Tillman

Please note in the Subject header above that the subject of this email is the late Pat Tillman, not Ted Rall. Mr. Tillman, if nothing else, was a loyal member of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, killed in action, returned to the United States and buried by his family. Neither he or any member of his family had ever done anything that could be remotely considered as deserving of the treatment he received at the hands of your syndicated cartoonist, Mr. Rall.

I must assume that, knowing well in advance of Mr. Rall's political leanings and shrill anti-Americanism, you and the company that you represent support and encourage his viewpoint that Mr. Tillman was a racist and joined the Rangers to "kill Arabs". You may rest assured that I will seek out any media outlets that subscribe to your service and email to them a demand that they replace your company with another, as well as refuse to buy their products until such time as they do.

Mark A. Moore

The above is a copy of the my first email sent to Mr. Salem at the suggestion of Andrew Sullivan. The second will be to identify Mr. Sullivan as the instigator of my email and I shall add the comment, "I'll bet we are bigger than you are. What do you think?"

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