Sunday, May 23, 2004


Before you visit this site, get all of your blogging out of the way. Once you stop here, you will be done for the day. Some teasers;

"We have seen two months of what looks like non-stop catastrophe, and we will see more, and maybe worse, before we are through. Here is my well-reasoned, historically researched, deeply nuanced opinion: Tough shit. This war will be over when we say it is over, and not a second before."


"We ran from Fallujah, we hear; those murdering bastards are laughing at us. We’re not tough enough to win. Uh, not quite. Hundreds of those murdering bastards are dead. They are not laughing at anything."


"Catastrophes are only catastrophes; disasters are only disasters: they are not the end unless we decide they are."

Go Now! William Whittle

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