Friday, May 14, 2004

Bush Is To Blame

The students at Berkeley have spoken. It is all Bush's fault. His rhetoric has caused it all. He has divided the world into good and bad, not nuanced enough for the scholars at Berkeley. He "is preying on the innocence of our young people who take oppressive rhetoric at face value" and we live in a "country that barely distinguishes Iraq from Afghanistan, an Arab from a Sikh or an enemy from a terrorist".

I am shocked to discover that we are such stupid cattle, and have raised our children to be just as stupid.

I am not shocked to discover that Loseweek would publish this. There was a time when I received Newsweek and Time weekly and devoured every page. No longer. I will never buy another copy of either. Why should I when I can find this crap free of charge?

Let's see if I have this correct, now. Zarqawi, bin Laden - terrorists, not enemies. France, Russia, Germany, Saudi Arabia - enemies, not terrorists. Is that about right?

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