Sunday, May 09, 2004

MEChA Takes A Hit

According to a report from The Washington Times, Stanford University STUDENTS voted to deny the racist student organization its funding for the next year.

"In what is believed to be the first such vote on any college campus, Stanford students voted 1,357 to 1,329 to withhold MEChA's special fees, which amount to more than $40,000."

"...the first such vote on any college campus." One would hope that this is not an aberration, but will start a trend.

Make no mistake, I have nothing against organizations that preach ethnic pride, nor those who step in to help when civil rights are perceived to be violated. But I do have a problem with any organization or person or persons who preach "ethnic purity". That would include MEChA, KKK, Aryan Nation, Serbia, The Palestinian Authority, The IRA. More on this later.

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