Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I'm still alive

I have not had the heart to do much writing since Sunday. First, the prisoner mistreatment (I think torture is too strong a word here) making us look pretty stoooopid, as well as being contrary to our laws. Then, a 38 year-old mother of four, 8 months pregnant, gets put to death along with ALL FOUR of her little girls in Israel by heroic freedom fighters. Then, during an exchange of email correspondence with John Moore, I do some research on La Raza and a fringe group called Aztlan and find out that all of Mexico's problems and those of chicanos living in the United States are the fault of the Jews. Then, family photos of the Israeli mother and her daughters hit the net. Then, Ted Rall, a truly reprehensible and useless human being, publishes his worse than libelous scribble. Confusion in Fallujah, making us look more stooopid. A new book coming out, referenced by Roger Simon yesterday, with a truly horrific, digusting and revolting description of the kinds of Muslim societies that wish to "spread" their poisonous religion to all corners. A moderate, patriotic American Muslim organizes an anti-violence and pro American rally in Arizona and it turns into a bust. If I had kept surfing it could only have gotten worse.

Godawmighty! Wish I had stayed in bed Sunday, and yesterday , too
(the Redwings are finished, again).

(Sigh) Can't do that. As bad as it is, what would the world be like without yours truly fighting for truth, justice and the American way? The only good news: Lakers lose (sorry Roger), the Yankees string 3 straight and Michelle is looking for Ted Rall.

I'm not too clever with the linking, yet. I keep linking to the blogsite and not to the actual subject post. I'll get better. At least I can get you there, even if not to exactly the right spot.

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