Monday, June 06, 2005


These are descriptors of a major player in the Democratic Party offered by a major player in the lefty blogospheroid. Guess who the Democratic figure is who is being described:
Post title: "Thanks for letting us down, (redacted)."

(Photo caption of Demo bigwig) "I am a sell-out."

...has been quite a disappointment...

...has been on the wrong side of all sorts of issues,...

...among other betrayals. fast becoming a major sell-out...

...we were naive to buy his progressive rhetoric... attacking the messenger and ignoring the message,...

...and in a cavalier manner, too.

Irritating and disappointing.
Why, it's none other than Sen. Barack Obama, once touted as the future of the Democratic Party. And who is doing the stone throwing? Well known lefty blogger dadahead, with some links to other lefties whose hearts have been broken by the traitor Obama. Oh yes, and read the first post, titled, "Piss off, Biden".

But, and I do mean but, read the comments, too. Seems like Dadahead, this self described rank and file Democrat, is occupying narrowing ranks and shortening files.

Fratricide reference thanks to Glenn Reynolds.

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