Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Renowned scientist joins Bush team

Prof. Irwin Corey
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President George W. Bush today introduced the renowned expert on scientific generalities, Professor Irwin Corey, as the administration's new spokesman for all executive branch scientific publications. Prof. Corey will review and approve all executive branch research findings and administer them, orally, to the public. Prof. Corey wasted no time in immediately delving into the controversy over the editing of official government climate reports to allegedly make the links between greenhouse gas emissions and global warming seem less robust.
Professor Corey, referring to Philip A. Cooney, chief of staff for the White House Council on Environmental Quality, told the assembled press,
You know character is not built on inner strength as they would have us believe but moreover on the grandiose complexities of our inner core as it relates to the manifestation of tranluxent chemistry. What I'm trying to say my dear friends is much the way a tree sheds its leaves in the autumn, it is our birthright in thought, word and deed to cultivate and experiment if you will, the genesis of human nature as it relates to that very tree and the bark encompassing it.
Professor Corey waited some five minutes for any questions from the reporters gathered in the White House Rose Garden but none were forthcoming, so he left.

It seems to me that the MSM has declared war on this administration. There is almost nothing in the press being reported positively about the Bush administration and very little negatively about its opponents. I have not seen such a circling of the wolves since they surrounded Richard Nixon. It seems to me that the biggest problem that president Bush suffers from is his reportedly low standings in the public opinion polls. This gives courage to the circling pack that they would otherwise not dare to exhibit. The president needs to get up close and personal with the American public, and damned soon.

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