Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: APPO tries to turn up the heat

APPO spokesman Florentino López has called upon APPO followers all over the state to take over and occupy the city halls of every city, town and village in the state. He also announced that the "roving brigades" would be reintroduced on the streets of this city to again begin shutting down government offices.

He also announced that there will be a "massive" gathering in the city tomorrow and that in the next few hours APPO would make public a "manifesto" directed at all the people of Mexico. He said that APPO would lead nationwide "mobilizations" on October 21 and 28 which would be "directed from Mexico city". Directed from Mexico City, eh? Hmmm. This is beginning to look and sound more and more like a revolution. The federal government must think so, too, because it is being reported that President Fox will convene his "Security Committee" to discuss the situation in Oaxaca. The Security Committee last met to approve sending federal troops to Nuevo Laredo to wrest control of that city's streets from the drug barons who had taken control. We all know how well that's going. The troops and federal police patrol the city's streets by day, rushing forensic teams from one murder scene to the next, then turn the city over to the drug gunmen for the night.

As a sidelight, the APPO occupied Juarez University radio station that has been on the fritz for a month or so began broadcasting again last night. That gives APPO 2 illegally occupied radio stations in decent working order. It's a far cry from the 10 they held this time last month.

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