Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rachel Corrie: Some other Rachels finally get their due

Kesher Talk posts a copy of a flyer that was handed out every evening at the stagings of the Alan Rickman play, "My Name Is Rachel Corrie". The title of the flyer is, All The Rachels.

I wrote about some other Rachels here and here. I was contacted by Ginette Thaler, the mother of Rachel Thaler, whose picture you will see on the flyer handed out at the play. I think that you should all read what Rachel Thaler's mother had to say. I'll excerpt some of her comments from the post but you should really read it all.
It's funny because it was always important to Rachel to be wanted and to have a lot of friends around her. The day before the bombing we had passed a cemetery where many cars were parked outside. Jokingly, we said wow, it must be someone important. She said to me, "Mom, if it was your funeral, there would be few people, but if it were mine, it would be more crowded than this," or words to that effect. That was the day before the bombing.....

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