Saturday, October 14, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: Finally someone tells it like is

It fell to a Senator from the PAN to finally lay out the truth for all to hear about the problems in Oaxaca. One can, with very little effort, replace the word "governors" with "presidents" and the word "Oaxaca" with "every other Mexican state and Mexico City" and one may begin to understand what's wrong with Mexico.

Senator Alejandro González Alcocer, PAN:
Q: ¿Usted, que fue gobernador, que revisa la situación, qué errores ve que cometió Ulises Ruiz?

You, if you were the governor, in reviewing the situation, what mistakes do you see that were made by Ulises?

A: Bueno, primero que nada, es desde antes de Ulises. ya viene desde los gobernadores que han sido muy caciques. Murat, que no me digan, era muy cacique. y los otros también. Esto viene del arraigo de la pobreza, de las carencias en Oaxaca, de gobernantes que no hacen lo que tienen que hacer por la población y ahí están los resultados.

Well, first of all. this goes back way before Ulises. It derives from previous despotic and authoritarian governors. From them arose the poverty and the deficiencies in Oaxaca. Governors who didn't do what they were supposed to do for the people and here are the results.

"Trató de movilizar políticamente ciertas cosas, para darle en la torre a algunos que consideraba más radicales y le salió mal el tiro".

He tried to mobilize politically and do certain things like throwing those he considered to be the most radical in jail. That has worked out quite badly.

Se volvió autoritario. Dijo: ´No a las manifestaciones´, y se volvió represor ¡Claro que va a reventar!. eso no se puede hacer".

Authoritarianism had returned. He said "No demonstrations," and the repression had returned. Sure, it was bound to blow up because this cannot be.
I would predict that PAN Senator Alejandro González Alcocer has very little political future left. Nobody in Mexico City is going to like those statements.

And, speaking of previous governors, Jose Murat, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz's predecessor, is now being accused of finacially supporting the APPO's leader, Flavio Sosa. The two leaders of the Alternativa party, allied with AMLO and the PRD, accuse Murat of supporting Sosa financially when the APPO activist got out of prison during Murat's rule in Oaxaca.

They say that Murat and Ruiz Ortiz are enemies and that Murat is using Sosa and APPO to "balance accounts" with Ulises. They also say that Murat and APPO supported a minor presidential candidate, Víctor González Torres, in order to suck votes away from AMLO in the July election. The term "Byzantine" would seem appropriate here.

And here's another note of interest. Flavio Sosa's children, unlike 1,300,000 other Oaxaca kids who have lost 4 months of their education and are still not in school, are enrolled in a prestigious private school here. The two Sosa children are enrolled in the Colegio Federico Froebel, here in Oaxaca, where classes are conducted in Spanish, English and French. When questioned about this during an interview, Flavio Sosa responded, "That is not the theme of this interview. They are not in school at this minute." That's not what the Sosa children's friends and their parents are telling reporters.

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