Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: Who is Rosario? APPO wants to know.

APPO spokesman Florentino López insists that his organization will respect the decision of the striking teachers, "whatever it may be". Now, Florentino insisted the same all last week but APPO, along with dissidents among the dissident teachers, rioted when the initial vote didn't go their way. What are dissidents of dissidents, anyway? Trissidents? I dunno.

The happy welders shown in the preceding post must not have gotten the word. Or perhaps respect" has a different meaning here. I know that "boycott" doesn’t mean the same thing in both languages. A boycott here means that not only does the boycotter not shop here, but nobody else does, either. The business, or whatever is the target of the boycott, is blocked and shut down. Anyone attempting to do business with the target of the boycott is threatened and/or assaulted.

Mark in Mexico, http://markinmexico.blogspot.com/, Palehorse Galleries, http://palehorsemex.vstore.ca/, APPO claims no knowledge of or association with a woman calling herself Rosario. She was interviewed by reporters while filling bottle with gasoline for Molotov cocktails and calling for an assault on the hotel where striking teachers were voting on a proposal to return to work.
Rosario, also known as "Rosie the Welder"

Florentino took great pains to point out that APPO neither condones nor supports the woman known only as "Rosario". Rosario was widely quoted over the weekend and yesterday as calling for an assault on and occupation of the hotel where the striking teachers are headquartered and where their polls are taken. She was interviewed by reporters as she filled bottles with gasoline for her Harley Davidson Molotov cocktails.

Florentino said that APPO disassociates itself from provocateurs such as "that woman called Rosario" and "provocations" such as Molotov cocktails and assaults on hotels. Some other women members of APPO called Rosario an "infiltrator". Well, APPO has openly welcomed its infiltration by socialists, Communists, guerrilla warriors and anarchists as well as common street thugs like APPO's leader, Flavio Sosa. Why not “Rosy the Welder” as well.

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