Thursday, July 07, 2005

Union Jack

Union Jack
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Letter from Britain.

Hi Mark,
Reading your comments about London and September 11, and your comparison with Madrid and the Spanish withdrawal from Iraq.
As a Brit, and proud of the fact ,this is the feeling over here.

Firstly We were the first to join the Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan ,and even when Tony Blair was given an escape route we stood by our American Allies because it was the right thing to do.

Secondly we have endured Terrorist attacks from the Ira for the last 30 years so this attack whilst regrettable will be viewed as one of those things, and the price we pay for our freedom .

Finally we will not buckle like the Spanish...we don’t do that. British character is always the strongest when were a bit pissed off....but we don’t back down to bullies. Mr Hitler found that out.

We hope that this attack won't happen again ,however it probably will, what we must ensure is that a political solution is found so that these terrorists have more to loose than simply their lives.

Possibly we ought to mention that what they do is fundamentally against Mohammed's teachings and that they wont be welcomed into his arms but may burn in hell for their atrocity.
That’s the view from the Uk


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