Monday, June 06, 2005

A day late, a dollar short

Yesterday's email issue of NewsMax arrived but I just now have had time to read it. Lots of interesting stuff. The forthcoming book, "The Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She'll Go to Become President." by Ed Klein, will be excerpted in the June 8 issue of Vanity Fair. This stuff is more titillating than interesting.
However, in another story, NewsMax reports that Howard Dean may soon lose his position as head of the Democratic National Committee because he has alienated the big bucks contributors. The money issue looks like this;

1st Quarter Fundraising:
DeaNNC....14.1 million dollars
RNC.............32.3 million dollars

New Donors;

Cash in Banks;
DeaNNC......7.2 million dollars
RNC.............26.2 million dollars

Oh, and Bill and Hillary hate him. But Kerry, Kennedy and Al Who? hate Hillary. This is going to be fun.

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