Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mexico election: AMLO in praise of anarchy

In a speech yesterday, the defeated left-wing presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador praised the congressional thugs who forced the cancellation President Fox's State of the Union address last week. AMLO said that his out-of-control supporters were, "persons with principles, persons with ideals" and "would not turn their backs on the people."

As is typical with those from the left, free speech is demanded for setting forth their ideas but is to be squelched in any manner possible, legal or illegal, when that free speech might be exercised by their opponents. President Fox's right of free speech as well as his constitutional duty to present the "Informe" to the legislature could not be permitted by the leftists. Free speech only goes so far, which is to say that my right of free speech is guaranteed while yours is not if you oppose my views on, well, just about anything.

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