Friday, September 01, 2006

Shanghai, China high school history books: Mao Ze-gone

High schools in Shanghai are using new history books this year. The Cultural Revolution as well as Communism prior to the economic reforms of 1979 have been reduced to a one sentence mention. Mao himself now appears in a chapter on etiquette:
Now, the wall in front of the just executed enemy of the revolution may be somewhat stained. You might notice that the bullet which was fired under the left ear of the vile running dog passed through his less-than-worthless skull and left a bit of a mess on the wall. That messy stain will be composed of bits of skin, bone, brain matter and a lot of blood. It is very important to thoroughly wash the nastiness from the wall prior to the next traitor's elimination. Leaving the stains in place might cause some consternation on the part of the next evil one because he surely has been told he was being taken to the library.
So Mao joins the ranks of Heloise, Emily Post, Amy Vanderbilt and the International Center for Bathroom Etiquette.

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