Monday, September 04, 2006

Vijay Singh shoots 10 under par - puts Woods to sleep . . . not.

What else is there left to say about Tiger Woods? He won last weekend's tournament, his fourth straight, jumped on a plane and flew to Ireland for two days of meetings, strategy sessions and poker with the rest of the Ryder Cup team, re-boarded a plane for home and then teed off on Friday for this weekend's (I guess that would now be last weekend's) Deutsche Bank tournament.

He had the lead after Friday's first round, played a dreadful second round to fall into a tie, then poked along yesterday with a pedestrian 4 under 67. Meanwhile, Vijay Singh managed to stay within 3 shots of the lead going into yesterday's third round where he shot a course record and career best 10 under 61 to roar around Woods and take a 3 shot lead into today's final round.

Singh's round yeserday included a very rare 2 eagles in the same round. "What's that?" Woods must have asked, "Two eagles in the same round? Harummph!"

Woods' final round today: Par-eagle-birdie-par-birdie-par-eagle etc. Woods wins by 2 shots.


The other PGA tour players are fast approaching the point where they'd just as soon play King Kong as Tiger Woods. Maybe the mighty Kong would sign the wrong scorecard or eat an official and get disqualified, or something. Woods makes mistakes now and again but not enough that anyone can beat him.

Tiger's record in the Ryder Cup is less than sterling and I'm sure that grates on him a bit. If he ever cuts loose -- this year, maybe? -- the Cup will not see the shores of Jolly Ol' for the next 20 years or so.

This makes 5 straight tournaments that Tiger Woods has won, including 2 majors. He may never lose again.

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