Friday, June 01, 2007

Fruithurst, Alabama: The Fred is dead

11-year-old Jamison Stone and his quite dead Fred

The 1051 pound monster hog/pig shot by an 11 year-old boy has been identified. He is Fred, the beloved pet of Rhonda and Phil Blissitt, who escaped from the loving care of a jerk they sold him to just 4 days before he was shot dead.

The Blissetts had raised Fred from the time he was 6 weeks old and considered him a family pet. They say he played with their grandchildren as well as their pet chihuahua. They sold him along with all the rst of their pigs.

They allowed their grandchildren to play with a 1051 pound boar? I have a little trouble getting a grip on that one.

Note: Not to be confused with Fred!. That would be Fred Thompson, the next president of The United States of America.

This was a "canned" hunt. I hate those things. I hate even the thought of those. A "canned" hunt is where an animal is trapped inside some type of enclosure and shot to death. It is considered "sport" by many. The boy is not at fault here. His father and the owner of the pig who bought him from the Blissetts are at fault. I knew a guy once who paid a pretty penny for the priviledge of walking up to an American bison (buffalo) to within 6 feet or so of its face, then shooting it in the head a half a dozen times before it dropped dead at his feet. I fail to see the attraction.

The kid killed the monster with a .50 caliber pistol. He followed the hog inside a low fenced enclosure for over 3 hours, took at least 16 shots at it and hit it 6 times before its sad demise.

Alabama fish and game officials say that because Fred was not a true feral hog, the potential world record kill will not be recognised. Fred will go down in history as just one huge dead pig.

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