Friday, June 01, 2007

Mexico City: Bienvenidos Los Zetas

Drivers who passed in front of the TV Azteca studios in Ajusco this morning were greeted by a huge "manta", which is a sign painted on cloth and strung in the air, which said:
Bienvenidos Los Zetas
ahora vamos por ustedes y sus familias
Police arrived at mid-morning to remove the manta. They are also scrutinizing security camera tapes to try to determine who might have installed the manta.

In case you may not know, "Los Zetas" are the hit men, most of whom are ex-military or deserters from same, who are employed by the drug cartels to murder, kidnap, assault and terrorize rival cartel members, police, politicians who either oppose the cartels or who support a rival cartel, lawyers who know too much, businessmen who steal too much (from their cartel partners), reporters and newspaper executives who report too much, the family members of all of the aforementioned as well as the populace in general.

I'm not sure what the manta means but it was probably a message from a drug cartel which does not currently employ them.

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