Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mexico City: Officials develop sure-fire plan to offset northward migration

Mexico City officials have proposed a plan to offset the northward migration of the Mexican population by attracting hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of men from north of the border. This plan, if adopted, will, IMHO, do more to offset the illegal immigration problems in the United States than anything that Kennedy, McCain, Reid and Bush have yet to devise. The proposal is to legalize and control prostitution in the world's largest city. Texas, California, Arizona and New Mexico state officials are reportedly discussing the construction of at least six new 24-lane border crossings to handle the expected surge in traffic, all headed south.

As the photo below clearly shows, even the preliminary discussions of this plan have initiated a mad rush to the south and across the border. In the photo, some 300,000 American male citizens jostle in their rush towards the border crossing at Tijuana, Mexican tourist visas in hand. This is only one group that was photographed and includes about half the adult male population of San Diego.

Click to enlarge -- makes them easier to count
Hint: count their feet and divide by two

Now, the Mexico City government's proposal has not met with unanimous approval. The prostitutes themselves, referred to here in polite society as "sexoservidores", are less than enamored with the plan. A group from Apizaco, which is in the state of Tlaxcala, protested in Mexico City's zócalo yesterday. The mayor of Apizaco has proposed an "Adult Recreation Zone" where prostitution would be licensed and controlled. The women say,
We don't agree. Now we can charge 150 pesos (about $50 per hour) for "below the belt work", which includes a room, and in a zone (the adult recreation zone) we would not be able to do that.
The women accuse the politicians of trying to take control of them in order to "bring in younger girls". The currently happily employed (I would suppose) sexoservidores of Apizaco fear that the Adult Recreation Zone will attract "drug addicts, sick people and endanger the women's lives."

As opposed, I guess, to the clean cut doctors, lawyers and other well heeled professionals who now contract their services.

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