Monday, June 25, 2007

Oaxaca, Mexico: I've found the pants!

Mark in Mexico proudly announces that he has found Judge Roy Pearson's missing $67,000,000.00 $54,000,000.00 pants.

Judge Roy Pearson's missing pants

Why didn't he just check with me first?

And what is there to understand about,
"No tickee, no washee."
Francis "Frank" Costello, The Departed, 2006
I will happily return them to him for a mere $10.50, the original cost of the alteration he ordered back in the spring of 2005 (he needed the waist let out as he had developed quite a fat ass during several years of collecting unemployment compensation checks). Plus, of course, my expenses will have to be reimbursed.

To wit:
1. 2 hours of pondering over and then writing this post @ $500/hr. = $1000.00
2. 6 hrs. research following the course of this quest for tort justice over the past couple of months @ $500/hr = $3000.00
3. 8 hrs. of my life lost which I intended to devote to enriching myself on a scale equal to or surpassing that of one William Gates, reportedly now worth 50 billion dollars = $50,000,000,000.00

Total = $50,000,004,000.00

Plus freight, PPD from Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca, Mexico, of course.

Professor Bainbridge says I should sue because there's not really a tiger in my tank. Just how the hell does he know that?
Amygdala's mystery, awe and anguish is settled.
Blue Crab Boulevard has mistaken these for clown pants.
Kevin Drum fails to see the parallels to John Edwards.
OnDeadline shows Judge Pearson as he now hauls all of his pants with him everywhere he goes.
Overlawyered says the defendants may not, in fact, be able to recover their legal fees -- that's disconcerting, for real.
Jacob Sollum thinks the trial judge's decision was Reasonable.

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