Friday, June 01, 2007

Mexico City: "Sorry, we're closed for the day."

Protesting teachers and students who just want the day off have effectively shut down Mexico City today. Here is a partial list of the blocked streets and highways in and around the city as of about 2 hours ago:

Paseo de la Reforma: There is a street battle going on here at the ISSSTE headquarters building as protesters try to set up a permanent camp.

Paseo de la Reforma: There are at least two other blockades along this boulevard, one at the Auditorio Nacional and the other at the TURISSSTE building.

The intersection of Avenida Montevideo and Insurgentes is blocked.

Avenida Insurgentes at Paseo de la Reforma is blocked.

The street in front of PRI headquarters is blocked. I think that's Insurgentes also but I don't know exactly where.

Calzada Ignacio Zaragoza is blocked by marchers on their way to the Camera de Diputados. This cuts off the airport and Puebla.

The intersection of Eje 8 Sur and Avenida Coyoacán at PAN headquarters is blocked as well as Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas and Calle de Moras.

In Iztacalco, Avenida Añil, Avenida Granjas and Avenida Azcapotzalco are all blocked.

The México-Cuernavaca highway is blocked. Protesters took over the toll booths early this morning and allowed vehicles to pass without paying the tolls. After being evicted by PFP officers and tear gas, the protesters spread out across the highway and shut it down.

Mexico-Cuernavaca highway blocked

Indios Verdes is blocked by a march.

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